Girl Education

A girl isn’t a statistic or a bit of property. She’s a child who deserves a good future.

Girls face discrimination almost everwhere– only for being born a daughter and not a son. A girls education is a smaller amount likely to be valued, and she’s more likely to be forced into early marriage, face violence or be stolen by traffickers. Her childhood is short and future in danger.

A girl’s education changes everything. An educated girl has more probability of growing healthy, safe and empowered to work out the course of her life and future. She’ll decide when she’s ready for marriage and youngsters. She’ll likely send her children for education – and even live an extended life.

We are committed to making sure each child, regardless of their origin, is given the opportunity to attend school, play, interact and learn with other children of their age. We help children with limited means to sharpen their creativity and skills under the guidance of trained teachers. And we make persistent efforts to enable them to secure a lifetime of dignity for themselves, their families and therefore the community at large.

We must understand the importance of education for a girl child. We do whatever it takes to make sure all child features a chance to grow healthy, educated and safe – her best chance for a bright future

With your help, we will educate girls who might not otherwise have the prospect to find out — changing the course of their lives, their children’s lives and therefore the way forward for their communities.

What we do for Girl Education

  1. We provide coaching classes in lower tuition fees for girls of class 10th.
  2. We provide funds to poor and meritorious girls for admission in 10th, 12th and graduation 
  3. We Motivate girls above 10th class to participate in competitive exams and to boost their morale by distributing prizes for quiz competitions.
  4. We promote Rangoli, Drawing, Mehandi and Speech competition among girls above 7 years of age for their creative art development through prize distribution.

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