Against Dowry system

Marriage is an integral part of society, a source of joy and festivities also a new beginning. Yet, one among the longest standing evils related to marriage from a woman’s point of view in Indian society is the Dowry system.

The tradition of presenting dowry is a cruel expression of the male-dominance in society. It’s most frequently the mandatory custom of a girl’s parents having to give a large amount of money, gold, jewelry, various types of equipment, movable or immovable properties, to the groom’s family, during the marriage.

The initial cause for this custom was parents trying to assure financial stability for their daughters. But the current perspective is translated into parents paying up for the assurance of the well-being of their daughters.

Causes of Dowry System

Greed Factor

Dowry demands often are exemplary of the collective greed of the society. Demands are made shamelessly and are expected to be met with silence.

Society Structure

The dowry system is essentially the manifestation of the patriarchal nature of Indian society. Here the men are considered superior to women in aspects of physical and mental capabilities.

Religious Dictates

Religious restrictions imposed by society, mainly suitability of the groom is a major factor towards the dowry problem.

Social Constraints

apart from similar religious backgrounds, further constraints are imposed supported the caste and social satus. Preferred matches need to belong to the same caste, different clan, and same or higher social standings.

Social status of girls

The inferior social standing of girls in Indian society is so deep-rooted within the psyche of the country, that this treatment of them as mere commodities is accepted without question, not only by the family but by the girls themselves.


Lack of formal education is one major cause for the prevalence of the dowry system. An increased number of girls are deliberately kept away from schools. This is either due to certain superstitions or from the assumption that educating girls will deduct from their eligibility nearly as good wives.

Urge to show Off

dowry is usually a way for showing off social stature in our country

What are we doing against it?


The Dowry Prohibition Act was passed on 20th May 1961 with an aim to eradicate the evil practice from society. We’ll assist you to use this law effectively so as to save your daughter from this evil. If your daughter is tortured mentally or physically for dowry or any other reason after marriage, our organization will take action with the help of the law.

Social Awareness

We are creating a widespread awareness against the evils of the dowry system. Campaigns are going to be designed to succeed in the deepest strata of society and aim to spread knowledge about the legal provisions against dowry.

Education and self-dependence of girls

education isn’t just required to seek out your vocation in life, it’s essential to realize eyes and ears to a world beyond the one you’ll immediately see. We emphasize on educating the girl child so as to fight widespread social evils like dowry. Knowledge of their rights will enable them to talk up against the practice of dowry and ongoing marginalization. They will also be able to become self-dependent and not view marriage as their only salvation.

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