Against Child Marriage

Child marriage means the marriage of a child under the age of 18 — most frequently the wedding of a girl child to an older boy or man.

Many girls who are married off before they turn adults are forced into early marriages and are made to leave schooling. This deprives them of their right to education and future independence. Child brides also are more likely to experience violence.

Because young girls who are married off are more likely to give birth to children while still physically immature, they’re at higher risk of dying from pregnancy and childbirth complications. Not only their life is at stake but their babies also have a reduced chance of survival. Child brides who have children can also be psychologically unprepared and ill-equipped to become mothers at such an immature age.

  • Especially when a girl child is married off, she is separated from her family and friends, and she is transferred to her husband sort of a piece of property. In some places, in India, guardianship rights over her will even be transferred to her husband. In a moment, she is be expected to become a woman who keeps house and raises a family, instead of play and study just like the child she is.
  • Through child marriage, the opportunity to find out, grow and fully realize their full potential is robbed from the girl, and systematically disempowers them. It ensures that they continue to be hooked into others all their lives, strips them of their agency, makes them susceptible to abuse, and may trap them in a cycle of poverty.
  • This is a curse of society which needs to be stopped as soon as possible. We along with the law are making our best efforts to stop this and ensure that each child gets married at least 18 years of age.
  • Once they achieve 18 years of age and primary education, we may help her to get married in a good family and secure a good future.
  • We promote Group marriages (saamuhik vivah ) that will be free of cost.
  • Guardians will be given a sum of Rs 25,000 from us for marriage expenses if their daughter gets married after the age of 18.
  • At present, according to the rules of our organization, poor girls who are getting married will be provided a sum between Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000.
  • We also help your child if he/she faces some problems after the marriage.

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