Against Abortion

Abortion is just like killing of a fetus before he begins life. It’s generally happens within 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. It is a heinous and inhuman act.

According to a survey more than 47,000 deaths and over 5 million hospital admissions per year.

What are we doing against it?

  • Our NGO is continuously working to make decrements in rate of abortion by educating people about safe sex (using population control devices like condoms and pills).
  • Our Team providing free consultancy about family planning.
  • Our NGO is also supporting both financially and judicially to those women suffers from rape, problem with fetus, povert, risk to women health, or incest.
  • Our NGO is also oppose those sonography procedure which aim to know the gender the child which give increment of abortion due to orthodoxy nature of family.

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