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Manav Kartavya Welfare and Education Trust

Our organization Manav Kartavya Trust is working for women empowerment and we are successfully trying day and night to make them educated, self-dependent, and powerful. Our organization is continuously fighting against many of the malpractices that are still having deep roots in our society like child’s marriage, dowry, and Infanticides but we are willing and fighting against it and we can’t stop until this evil completely vanish from our society..

“Have you ever wondered what kartavya a Manav shall do?”

Manav Kartavya has not only wondered, but explored it to experience it! Manav has the hands to perform his kartavya by helping others. Manav has the feet to perform his kartavya by hastening to poor and needy. And Manav has the head to perform his kartavya by considering everyone as inclusive to uplift an individual from his state of neediness to a state of self-reliant. Recognizing our Kartavya, we make constant efforts to unite the kind hearts in the nation and do our bit by attempting to be the best trust in Bihar in order to extend a helping hand to the underprivileged in the society.

Our Vision

Our organization is helping those poor students who are unable to buy books, get a coaching so we are providing them free books, coaching classes, and even scholarship every month so that they can continue their study without any break. We are willing to look up and take care of their study so that not a single child is getting prevented from their dream due to financial condition.

Our Mission

We are helping every poor girl whose family is not financial capable to arrange their marriage so we are helping them financially. We are also helping to  those women who tortured and suffered a lot due to  dowry and their internal families problems  to get their right according to law and make surety about their justice.

Meet Our Team!

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

Founder & President

Sanjeet Kumar

Sujeet Kumar

Vice President

Monica Kumari

Monica Kumari


Umesh Singh

Umesh Singh


Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh


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